Vikrant Massey starrer ‘12th Fail‘ is surely making history! The film has not only left the audience in awe, but many industry insiders feel that it has actually left them inspired. The film has just crossed its 12th weekend after its release in theatres and now begun streaming on OTT. But guess what? The OTT release has just further increased the film’s business in theatres. It’s a notion that that OTT hampers the viewership in theatres, however, ’12th Fail’ seems to have broken that, as the demand for the film has increased post its OTT release.
The film made Rs 55 lakh in its 12th weekend and in its 11th week as well, which is a big jump after it made just Rs 30 lakh in its 10th week as per With that, the film’s total collection so far is Rs 55.30 crore which probably makes it the biggest hit of the year, as far as the return on investment (ROI) is concerned.
Meanwhile, ’12th Fail’ has also gotten a massive response on OTT. The appreciation from all over continues. Hrithik Roshan dropped an appreciation tweet for the film today. He took to X and said, “”Finally saw 12th Fail. It’s quite a masterclass in film making. Above everything else I was inspired by the use of sound and sound effects play in enhancing the moments. Brilliant performances. Mr. Chopra , what a movie ! Thank you for the brilliance. I am deeply inspired by this one ????❤️”
’12th Fail’ is directed by Vidhu Vinod Chopra.

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