Sidharth Malhotra is the living example of slow and steady wins the race. In an industry that is known for cut throat competition, Sidharth decided not to rush into anything and his decision has paid off. His performance in ‘Shershaah‘ was very well received and he’s now looking forward to his OTT debut with Rohit Shetty’s ‘Indian Police Force.

Shilpa Shetty Interview: On Rohit Shetty Being A Tyrant, Suniel Shetty | Indian Police Force

Taking a look back at his career spanning 11, he recently told Pinkvilla that all that matters is ‘what you bring on the screen’. He said that the initial buzz becomes less relevant because one can talk and build up as much as one wants but the proof lies in what you finally do. Sidharth added that he believes in showcasing actions rather than just vocalizing capabilities. He also highlighted that there is confidence and security in knowing that you contribute something valuable to the larger screen, aligning with a specific tonality of action.
Sidharth credited his mindset to lessons learned in the early years of his career, influenced by his background and upbringing. He stressed on the significance of maintaining focus on one’s work, avoiding external distractions. According to him, success lies in delivering strong performances and collaborating effectively with directors. Instead of pre-establishing a PR image or aura, Sidharth said that he believes in creating content that elicits genuine responses.

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