SM Entertainment has recently responded to the swirling rumours and speculations about whether ‘Chill Kill’ will mark Red Velvet‘s final release as a group. Fans had been abuzz with uncertainty after noticing significant changes to the group’s official Instagram profile.
The primary point of contention that fuelled the speculation was the alteration of Red Velvet’s Instagram profile name to “Happy Ending.It’s Just a Story of us”. This change sparked concern among fans, who questioned whether it signified the group’s impending farewell.
Additionally, fans observed that all of the group’s ‘Highlight‘ videos were conspicuously removed from their social media platforms, adding further fuel to the fire of rumours suggesting an imminent disbandment.

Girl Crush and HEUNG perform at a K-concert in Delhi

In response to the mounting speculation and concerns, SM Entertainment, the agency that represents Red Velvet, issued an official statement to clarify the situation. According to SM Entertainment, the alteration of the Instagram profile name to “Happy Ending. It’s Just a Story of us” was merely a creative adjustment made to align with the concept of their upcoming album, dispelling any notions of it indicating the group’s final release. Agency clearly clarified in their statement that, “The phrase ‘Happy Ending’ in the profile was changed to match the concept of their new album”.
Red Velvet, a popular K-pop girl group, made their debut in 2014, and in 2023, they celebrated their 9th anniversary as a group. However, this milestone has been accompanied by uncertainties regarding the group’s future, particularly regarding contract renewals. So far, it has been reported that only one member, Seulgi, has renewed her contract with SM Entertainment.
It’s important to note that Red Velvet’s forthcoming album, ‘Chill Kill’ holds significance for fans as it marks the group’s first full-length album release in approximately six years. Despite the ongoing rumours and uncertainties, fans of the group can anticipate the release of this highly anticipated album while continuing to support and cherish Red Velvet’s music and achievements.

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