Artificial intelligence has both good and bad sides. Although it has many benefits, there’s a negative aspect known as deep fake technology. Recently, Sonu Sood warned people on social media about fraudsters misusing his identity to deceive others.
Sonu Sood is now facing the consequences of deepfake technology. On January 18th, he posted a video on his Instagram story, revealing that scammers are using deepfake to deceive people.In the video, he mentioned an incident where someone attempted to trick a family by engaging in a video call, posing as him and trying to extort money. Sonu Sood cautioned everyone to stay vigilant and be cautious when receiving such calls.


He wrote: “This is the latest incident where someone tried to extract money from an unsuspecting family by chatting with them through video call pretending to be Sonu Sood. Many innocent individuals fall into this trap. I request all of you to be vigilant if you receive such calls.”

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In December, a video featuring Priyanka Chopra went viral online. The video was manipulated using deepfake technology, morphing her face into that of another woman. In the manipulated clip, the fabricated Priyanka talks about her yearly income and endorses a fictitious brand.

Before that, in November, Rashmika Mandanna became the first Bollywood celebrity to be targeted by deepfake technology. Her face was digitally inserted onto the body of a British influencer, causing the video to rapidly circulate. Rashmika expressed her fear about the situation on social media. Notably, prominent figures like Amitabh Bachchan and Mrunal Thakur shared their worries over the spread of these deceptive videos. Deepfake videos featuring Kajol, Alia Bhatt, and Katrina Kaif also gained traction last year.

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