Sunny Deol made a remarkable comeback in 2023 with the film ‘Gadar 2.’ Following its massive success, he has received numerous offers for other movies, with some already in the pipeline. The actor’s return to the big screen was well-received by audiences, and it has opened doors for exciting projects in the coming years.
Deol’s social media presence has become a source of delight for fans, offering them a behind-the-scenes look at the actor’s work and contributing to the overall buzz around his upcoming ventures.Now, he shared a sneak peek from his beautiful shooting diaries. He posted a video that begins with the actor stopping his car amidst the lush mustard fields, seemingly in Punjab. He can happily be seen recording himself in the camera around the fields.

In the video, Sunny is seen in a tee with a checkered shirt over it, paired with black shades and a matching hat. Sharing the video, the actor wrote, “ Work Mode On! #2024 At Shoot #reelsinstagram #shootdiaries #explore #reelsindia”
Reportedly, Sunny is currently busy shooting for his next, which is titled, ‘Safar‘. It is backed by Vishal Rana and is expected to hit the theaters this year.

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