Sunny Leone has become the latest celebrity to introduce her AI avatar as a unique way to engage with her fans. Shedding light on her decision to delve into the virtual world and expressing concerns about the long-standing misuse of technology, Sunny said that she has also been a victim of morphed photos but she didn’t let it affect her mental state.
Discussing the issue of deepfake, Sunny told India Today it is difficult to take precautions as it ultimately depends on the intent of the individual creating malicious content. She stated it’s a menace that’s been going on for a long time, mentioning that it’s not a recent issue as many believe it to be.
Being a victim of such malicious activities, Sunny urged young girls to recognize that it’s not their fault. She encouraged them to report such incidents to the cyber cell and take advantage of the available technical support on social media platforms. “The system is with you, you just need to do it,” she said.

Sunny Leone slays it in a red dress

Sunny also explained that her AI avatar is programmed to engage in conversations that have been pre-approved by her. “I have answered a number of probable questions and given information that I was okay with sharing. My avatar will not answer questions that are inappropriate or that would be offensive or even violent. Or in any way hurt someone’s sentiments. All the information has been fed by me,” she assured.

Addressing the current landscape where AI is sometimes viewed as a potential threat to creative professionals, Leone likened the scenario to the ‘Wild West,’ emphasizing that everyone is experimenting with this technology and trying new things out.

She mentioned, “More than the fear of being replaced, celebrities are worried about their likeness being misused. We saw that happening a lot last year where fake photos, videos, and even voices were put out, leading to a menace.”
On the work front, Sunny will be seen hosting the reality show MTV Splitsvilla X5 with her new co-host Tanuj Virwani, who is known for his roles in Inside Edge and Masaba Masaba.

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