Actress and model Sunny Leone, known for both her dancing skills and admirable personality, recently shared a concerning incident on her social media.
On November 9, she revealed that the nine-year-old daughter of her house help had gone missing in Jogeshwari, Mumbai. Sunny posted a picture and details about the missing child, Anushka KiranMore, on her Instagram account.Thankfully, she later updated that Anushka has been found, expressing her gratitude to theMumbai Police and well-wishers.

Sunny Leone took to her social media handle to share the joyous news of Anushka’s safe return, thanking everyone who shared the post and contributed to finding her within 24 hours. She expressed her heartfelt thanks to her well-wishers for their support during the challenging time.
In a picture, Anushka is warmly embraced by her parents, accompanied by the caption ‘found, our prayers answered.’ Sunny Leone expressed gratitude to Mumbai Police for extending such a grateful hand of mankind in this situation.
In her recent professional ventures, Sunny Leone made a notable appearance in filmmaker Anurag Kashyap‘s latest movie, ‘Kennedy,’ which premiered at Cannes 2023 with reports of a seven-minute standing ovation. The film, also screened at the MAMI Mumbai Film Festival 2023, features Sunny in the role of Charlie. In an interview with News18, she expressed pride in the film’s positive reception, stating, they have been to certain festivals, including Cannes and the Indian Film Festival of Melbourne, and the response from the audience has been amazing so coming to MAMI was a proud feeling.

Sunny Leone ‘auditions for PG-13 version of Gangs of Wasseypur!’ in her latest funny video

‘Kennedy’ revolves around a former cop, portrayed by Rahul Bhat, dealing with insomnia and seeking redemption. Presumed dead, the ex-cop goes undercover within the corrupt system. Sunny Leone’s role as Charlie adds an intriguing element to the film’s plot.

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