Since her Bollywood debut, Sunny Leone has appeared in several movies including ‘One Night Stand‘, ‘Ragini MMS2’, and more. On the personal front, the actress is a doting mother to her children Nisha, Asher and Noah.
Recently, in an interview with News18, Sunny talked about how she ensures that her children Asher, Noah, and Nisha lead a normal childhood. The actress revealed that she does not show her work to her children, who often get fascinated and ask questions like why so many people ask for selfies with their mother.
Sunny Leone said that her children keep asking her, ‘Why do people want pictures with you, mommy?’ She explains to them that just as they love Spidermanand the Hulk, people feel the same feeling when they see her on TV or otherwise.She also tells them, ‘Remember how you felt when you saw The Transformers on TV? That’s exactly how these people feel.’ Also, she doesn’t show them her work.
Over the years, the actress has been featured in several party songs such as ‘Pink Lips’, ‘Laila Main Laila‘, ‘Baby Doll‘, and many more. Recently, she shared that she only shows her work to her children when they wish to watch her songs on television.

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