In a shocking turn of events, new details have emerged surrounding the extent of Super Junior Kyuhyun‘s injuries following a knife attack that unfolded in the dressing room of his musical. Initial reports indicated that the incident occurred after a performance, where a woman in her 30s allegedly trespassed into the dressing room and attempted to attack an unnamed actor with a knife, reports Koreaboo.Kyuhyun, heroically intervening, reportedly sustained injuries during his brave attempt to thwart the assailant.
The incident itself, previously reported by Chosun Ilbo, disclosed that the police have taken swift action, apprehending the woman in her 30s and launching a thorough investigation. Strikingly, initial reports suggest that the woman has no apparent connections with the actors involved in the musical, raising questions about her motive and how she gained unauthorized access to the dressing room following the performance.
As of November 20, Kyuhyun‘s label, Antenna, released an official statement shedding light on the severity of the injuries. Fortunately, it appears that the injuries are relatively minor. The statement reassured concerned fans, stating, “Kyuhyun received a minor injury to his finger and immediately received treatment at the site”. While the incident is undoubtedly alarming, the revelation offers a measure of relief that the injuries were not more severe.
Amidst the unfolding details, law enforcement remains vigilant, actively probing the woman for any potential motives behind the shocking knife attack. The incident has sent shockwaves through the K-pop community, prompting concerns for Kyuhyun’s well-being and intensifying the scrutiny on security measures within the entertainment industry.

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