Shweta Singh Kirti, the elder sister of Sushant Singh Rajput, took to Instagram to share poignant memories of her brother on what would have been his 38th birthday. In a touching tribute, she revealed details of their close bond and the emotional journey she documented in her newly released book, Pain: A Portal to Enlightenment.
On Sunday, Shweta began by narrating the profound desire her parents harbored for a second son after tragically losing their firstborn at a young age.”Mom and Dad were very hopeful for a second son. They took a sankalp (vow) and prayed to Bhagwati Maa (Hindu Goddess) for two years straight,” she wrote on Instagram. The family engaged in various spiritual practices, including fasting, meditation, pujas, havans (fire rituals), and visits to sacred places.
Despite her parents’ fervent prayers, Shweta was born on the auspicious day of Diwali, a moment her mother considered lucky, dubbing her “Lakshmi-ji.” Undeterred, the family continued their prayers, and a year later, Sushant entered their lives, charming everyone with his infectious smile and twinkling eyes. Shweta affectionately referred to him as her ‘Pithiya’ from an early age.

The siblings were inseparable throughout their childhood, earning them the moniker ‘Gudia-Gulshan’ from those around them. In her book, as per Hindustan Times, Shweta described how they played, studied, and got into mischief together, blurring the lines between individuality. She expressed the immense protectiveness she felt toward Sushant, a sentiment rooted in their mother’s belief that she was the catalyst for his arrival into their lives.

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In a particularly touching revelation from her book, Shweta shared an incident from their adolescence when Sushant, displaying remarkable sensitivity, questioned the barriers between them. After she had her first period in the sixth grade, their mother asked Sushant, who playfully hit her, to be gentle with her. While disposing a pad, Sushant asked, “What is it that you can’t share with me? I don’t like this barrier between us.” This incident, according to Shweta, reflected their profound closeness.

Her book also touched on the poignant moment when Shweta got married and had to leave her beloved brother behind. “As I prepared to leave, Bhai hugged me tightly, tears streaming down our faces. It was a heartbreaking moment – we knew we wouldn’t be living together anymore, that we wouldn’t have the luxury of seeing each other as much as we used to,” she wrote, expressing regret over the physical distance that separated them after her relocation to the United States.
Sushant was born on January 12, 1986.

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