In December 2021, Sushmita Sen and Rohman Shawl had announced their breakup, however, they continued to remain close friends and in each other’s life. Later, former IPL chairman Lalit Modi had shared cosy pictures with Sushmita and hinted at their marriage.
But soon, Sushmita cleared the air that they were not dating. She continued to be friends with Rohmanand the two were often seen spending quality time together.Their recent public outing made their fans believe that the two might have sorted out their differences and patched up. And once again, the couple have made everyone swoon over their sparkling chemistry.
On Tuesday late evening, Sushmita and Rohman were seen attending producers Vishal Gurnani and Juhi Parekh Mehta’s pre-Diwali bash together. While Rohman looked dapper in white traditional suit and blazer, Sushmita made every head turn with her black saree look.
Rohman was seen holding Sushmita’s hand with utmost love and care. They were both smiling from ear to ear as they posed romantically for photographs. Their fans are happy to seen them back together.

Did Sushmita Sen dump Lalit Modi and reunite with Rohman Shawl? Viral video sparks speculation

Sushmita and Rohman first met at a fashion show, and their relationship quickly gained public attention. They began dating, and their love story has been documented on social media through heartfelt posts and photographs that display their affection for each other and Sushmita’s daughters. Rohman is often seen accompanying Sushmita and her daughters to various events and outings.

What makes their relationship particularly notable is the age gap between them, with Sushmita being older. However, they have both openly expressed their love for each other and their blended family, breaking stereotypes and societal norms.

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