Tamannaah Bhatia and Vijay Varma stand out as one of the most beloved couples in the entertainment industry. Since openly declaring their relationship, the pair consistently expresses their affection for each other without hesitation.
They recently marked the New Year with a getaway in London, reveling in a vacation together. Tamannaah shared an entertaining video on her Instagram, capturing the moments spent with her beau and friends.
Watch the video here:

The video encapsulated candid moments from her London vacation with beau Vijay Varma and other friends. Adding an entertaining twist, a voice-over in the description of the video suggests that they planned the trip after completing their work in London.

Upon reaching their destination, while recording the Vlog, the group found themselves quite hungry. Upon placing an order, they discovered an interesting fact about pizzas in London – they don’t come pre-sliced. Tamannaah humorously inquired, “isko kaatege kaise (how will it be cut)”. After satisfying their hunger, they headed to a party where the Babli Bouncer actress looked stunning in a black long blazer paired with a red turtle-neck sweater underneath.

Tamannaah Bhatia and Vijay Varma taking over the ramp

Upon reaching the party, they discovered that only English songs were playing in the disc, a taste their ‘desi dil’ found hard to digest. Nevertheless, they couldn’t resist channeling their inner Shah Rukh Khan. Additionally, the fans get a glimpse of their adventurous side as they embark on a ‘toofani’ adventure to indulge in scrumptious ice cream despite the chilly weather.
The video wraps up with the couple’s friends singing Arijit Singh‘s “Channa Mereya,” followed by quirky photos of the actress with ‘Fin’ written over them. Sharing the post, Tamannaah added a playful word-play in the caption, writing, “Vlog (accompanied by a red-cross emoji) weलोग (accompanied by the right emoji).”

As soon as she shared the video, likes and comments poured in from all sides. While one fan wrote, ‘Yes, you are beautiful! You are magical because of all your flaws quirks and weirdness! Yes you are beautiful in your own unique way’, another one added, ‘Super duper couple’.
A few months ago, in November, a report from the portal Telugu Cinema asserted that the couple was contemplating marriage and seriously considering tying the knot. The report further suggested that Tamannaah was under ‘pressure’ from her parents to get married soon and mentioned that she had not signed any movie after Bhola Shankar.

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