After a year of blockbuster films led by big names, 2024 has begun on a different one. On one hand there is Mahesh Babu‘s Guntur Kaaram, directed by Trivikram, they are considered a formidable jodi and on the other hand, there is a relatively lesser known combination of Teja Sajja and Prasanth Varma, who have released Hanu Man. Traditionally, one would expect superstar Mahesh Babu’s film to be doing wonders at the box office but it is actually facing competition from Teja Sajja’s film in North America.

Guntur Kaaram | Song – Mawaa Enthaina (Lyrical)

Guntur Kaaram didn’t have a major headstart as it had premiere shows lined up for Thursday and on Friday, it faced tough competition from Teja Sajja’s film.Hanu Man minted about $ 500,000 from 373 locations, making it the the third highest opening day collection for a Telugu film after RRR and Salaar- Part 1 Ceasefire in recent times. While, Guntur Kaaram managed to cross US $ 400,000 mark from 424 locations, but analysts believe that most of its numbers have come from advance bookings.
It will be interesting to see how Guntur Kaaram holds up over the weekend given the mixed reviews it has received. While for Hanu Man, the film has recorded much higher walk-ins than its advance booking, resulting in the rise in its collection.

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