The Dishwasher Dilemma When Appliances Fail


Dishwashers are just a part of any normal household like microwaves, washing machines and televisions, but I am old enough to remember not having some of these and I still don’t possess a microwave. As I write this I am doing a Windows Update on my Laptop Computer prior to my holiday in Alnwick (in a flat overlooking Alnwick Castle where some of the Quidditch scenes were filmed for the Harry Potter films) where I will be visiting The Poisoned Garden and Barter Books, but this point on this is to chat to you about the situation with my Dishwasher.

So Tell Us About Your Dishwasher Mike

For the past twenty years in Chateau Dred I have been the dishwasher, until ten months ago when a dishwasher arrived which meant that I would never have to wash dishes again in my life!! Well that was a nice thought, but you still have to pack the dishwasher and unload it when it has finished it’s work, often to find some stubborn and not so stubborn soiled dishes that need to be cleaned again or else by hand, which while a little inconvenient is not too much of a problem.

I then found that the dishwasher had a salt reservoir to soften and improve the cleaning qualities of the water, so I bought a two kilogram bag of salt and put some in a cup to fill the salt reservoir, well several cups and two kilograms of salt later the reservoir was filled. That was unexpected to say the least but I think the cleaning improved after doing this all that may be psychosomatic on my part.

And then……

A Dishwasher Disaster

Well not a disaster, but I had put it on and when it had finished there was a puddle next to it, there was a leak from the dishwasher, not good news as the dishwasher stands where the washing machine used to be and a two leak on that required a kitchen floor replacement, though a small puddle in itself was not a major issue. The dishwasher was still within the twelve month guarantee period, but with an upcoming holiday, getting someone out might be an issue.

I decided to take a look at it myself, a bit apprehensively, as I am not great at working with physical items but saw that a rubber seal at the bottom of the door had become dislodged which didn’t look too good.

I tracked down a couple of Youtube videos on the subject although they concentrated on the seals round the door rather than in the door. Armed with this confusing new knowledge I proceeded to reinsert the rubber seal and then ran an empty dishwasher.

No puddle.

I tried a small load.

Came out clean with no puddle.

It looks like I fixed it, but going forward I am going to keep a close eye on the machine.

Dishwasher (Machine) vs Dishwasher (Me)

While I was contemplating the puddle problem I was doing the dishwashing by hand and realised that washing certain items by hand takes a few seconds and then can be put out to dry, and started thinking I should still wash some by hand and leave the mechanical dishwasher free for the difficult pieces.

I do like my dishwasher and am happy that I stopped it leaking because it taught me a little and then slightly changed the way I used it. Maybe it is a really smart appliance.

I hope this has entertained you a little, not your average Vocal story, but then again, none of mine are.

Music is “Wash, Mama, Wash” by Doctor John

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