Today my life shifted with one little text,

You decided to finally make me your ex.

You’ve met someone else,

And started anew.

‘It just kinda happened.’

I’m so happy for you.

I wished you good luck,

And put down my cell.

The news hit me strangely,

Part Heaven, part Hell.

You were my person

And my very best friend

We were there for each other

Right til the end.

When someone is gone

It’s different than dead

And all that remains

Are the words left unsaid.

I loved you and hated

all the things that you did.

Your words full of cruelty

since bounce round my head.

I’ll miss the feeling of my head on your chest.

Snuggled under your shoulder

having a rest.

I won’t miss the fighting,

Being crushed by the weight

of the wounds from the past,

or your anger and hate.

Seeping into my cells

bouncing round in my brain.

On a cellular level,

you transferred your pain.

I tried to be kind,

Oh, I tried to connect.

But, I felt so alone,

An emotional wreck.

Poisoned and sick,

Unsafe and sad.

I’ve never loved anyone who hurt me that bad.

And I know I did things to hurt you, too

I tried everything to try to get through

to the man I loved and thought I knew.

But we live our lives in different ways,

I knew that this love was so depraved.

I always had one foot in the relationship grave.

I lost all hope for better days.

I couldn’t understand

Why did I keep going back?

Why were we magnets

Repel and attract?

I didn’t want to be always the one

Who bore the brunt of your rage

And never had any fun.

We weren’t on the same page.

Your children, your dogs, strangers and friends

Got treated like gold

While I got the ‘you’ who was mean and hellbent on

suffocating my soul.

On keeping me close by

Dropping the crumbs

Loving and charming

Then distant and numb.

So, although today’s news was ever so hard.

I should send your new “someone” a Thank you card.

The truth is my freedom is worth more to me

Than a life with the man you’ll never be.

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