The Play Was Thwarted

In a forgotten romance


Yesterday I reached out and tried to span the crippling years,

I just wanted to hear your voice once more,

I hope you know how you played upon the hours of my mind,

As I imagined your celebrations and happiness restored.


I dreamed the sun was shining upon the darkening cloud over your head,

And wished it was me that placed a good morning kiss upon your lips,

Another year has rotated and set the world spinning,

But you and I, well we never rehearsed our worded scripts.


I didn’t get my wish,

But that doesn’t mean I hope you missed yours too,

As I still want to believe a smile graces your face,

And you enjoyed your day surrounded in deja vu.


Do you still remember?

Does it play upon your mind?

Or have I been forgotten within the vortex of time,

Far off in the forgotten distance and left far behind?


I’d be content if I could believe that for a golden second

You released me from your downtrodden years,

Took me out, dusted me off,

And let me wash away your tears.


Once we were the destruction of our universe,

Standing side by side against the battle of our darkest nights,

Hand in hand, we couldn’t be beaten,

Winning the gauntlet of emotions and scar driven fights.


But now the distance widens every day,

And you’ve probably forgotten this girl you once knew,

But she carries you deep within her heart,

Where you rule the roost and carry her through.


So I’ll say goodnight once more,

Believing you’re where you need to be,

I’ll lock the tower door,

And leave you out there — happy and free.

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