Children Saved from Concentration Camps During World War II


World War II is frequently remembered for its devastation and the unparalleled atrocities of the Holocaust. As we reflect upon the millions of Jews and others who were persecuted and murdered by the Nazis, it’s equally crucial to remember the stories of hope, resilience, and survival, especially those of children. These are the stories of children who, against all odds, survived the dark confines of concentration camps.

The Unimaginable Plight

The concentration and extermination camps of World War II were places of horror, hardship, and death. Children, due to their vulnerability, were often the first to be selected for extermination. In Auschwitz, for example, children were often sent directly to the gas chambers upon arrival. However, some managed to survive due to various circumstances, whether by hiding, being utilized for forced labor, or even being subjected to medical experiments.

Stories of Survival

One of the most well-known child survivors of the Holocaust is Anne Frank, whose diary provides a harrowing account of her family’s life in hiding in Amsterdam. While Anne did not survive the camps, her diary remains a testament to her resilience and spirit.

Children who did survive concentration camps frequently relied on the protection of family members, the kindness of strangers, or sheer luck. Some were selected for labor instead of immediate extermination. For instance, in camps like Auschwitz, some children were kept alive for work, especially if they looked older than their age. Others survived by blending in with older prisoners or by being hidden.

The Role of Rescuers

There were individuals and groups who recognized the particular vulnerability of children and sought to save them. Œuvre de Secours aux Enfants (OSE), a Jewish children’s aid organization, saved thousands of children by hiding them in homes, schools, and monasteries across France. In Belgium, the Committee for the Defense of Jews managed to hide nearly 4,000 Jewish children.

Janusz Korczak, a Polish pediatrician and orphanage director, is another poignant figure. Even though he was offered freedom, Korczak chose to accompany the children of his orphanage when they were deported to the Treblinka extermination camp. His unparalleled devotion ensured that these children had a protector with them in their final moments.

After Liberation

Liberation from the camps was just the beginning of a new chapter for the surviving children. Many found themselves orphaned, their families wiped out by the Holocaust. Displaced persons camps, set up by the Allies after the war, became temporary homes for many of these children as they awaited relocation or repatriation.

Organizations like UNRRA (United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Administration) and the Red Cross played crucial roles in reuniting families and helping these children start new lives, whether in their homelands or in new countries willing to take in war refugees.

A Legacy of Resilience

The stories of children saved from concentration camps during World War II underscore the indomitable spirit of survival. They remind us of the depths of human cruelty, but also the heights of compassion, resilience, and hope. Today, as we honor the memory of all those who perished in the Holocaust, we should also celebrate the lives of those who survived and their invaluable contributions to our world.

Never again

The harrowing tales of children saved from WWII concentration camps serve as stark reminders of humanity’s capacity for cruelty and compassion. Their survival stories spurred global post-war efforts to ensure “never again” through the establishment of international laws against genocide and human rights abuses. The Holocaust’s dark shadow influenced art, literature, education, and policy, fostering global Holocaust remembrance initiatives. Survivors’ resilience and subsequent contributions in various fields became symbols of hope, underscoring the importance of tolerance, understanding, and remembrance in a world striving for peace and unity.

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