But where’s the heart, the hearth, the dome,


In shadows cast by neon’s cold embrace,

Amidst the city’s frantic, hurried pace,

I find myself lost in this endless roam,

In search of solace, longing for a home.

I wander through a world so vast,

Where faces blur and voices drone,

In this wilderness, I’m all alone.

The streets, they stretch like endless veins,

Pulsing with life’s joys and pains,

But where’s the heart, the hearth, the dome,

In this sprawling city, far from home?

Amongst the strangers, I’m a passing wraith,

Invisible, a silhouette in their path,

Yet, within, a fire of longing burns,

For a place where my weary heart returns.

A place where laughter dances in the air,

Where love resides, where people care,

A place where memories freely roam,

This is the place I yearn to call home.

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