Emraan Hashmi is currently enjoying acclaim for his performance in Salman Khan’s film ‘Tiger 3.’ Despite his success, Emraan maintains a low-key lifestyle and doesn’t engage in the party scene. In a recent interview, he shared an incident from attending Shah Rukh Khan’s party at Mannat, mentioning that he left before midnight as he prefers an early morning routine.
During the interview with Zoom TV, when asked about his experience at Shah Rukh Khan’s birthdaybash, Emraan, not a fan of late-night events, explained that he didn’t stay beyond 12 because he needs to get up at 6:30, 7 in the morning.He expressed his disinterest in parties, attributing it to not drinking and avoiding industry small talk after work hours.

Emraan also revealed his reluctance to attend film screenings, citing the obligation to praise a film even if he didn’t like it. Additionally, he discussed his reservations about returning to ‘Koffee with Karan,’ fearing that he might create more complications, especially during the rapid-fire round.

Following his antagonist role in ‘Tiger 3,’ which garnered critical and financial success, Emraan is set to make his Telugu debut with the action film ‘OG.’ Directed by Sujeeth, the movie stars Pawan Kalyan and Priyanka Arul Mohan. Emraan remains candid about his preferences and challenges in the industry, maintaining a straightforward and honest approach in his career choices.

Appreciation and collections are sort of validations: Emraan Hashmi talks about success of ‘Tiger 3’

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