To Win Just Once Musings On Vocal Challenges And Top Stories


These are just some mind wanderings on winning or placing in Vocal Challenges as well as the almost daily multiple Top Story awards.

I have a feeling that everyone, including me, joined Vocal because they felt they had a chance of winning one of their lucrative challenges. Then I very soon realised that I was unlikely to hit that, but there were bonuses for various targets including Top Stories and Awesome Stories. While the Awesome Stories gave you $5 there was no promotion via the main page like for Top Stories so though I got a lot of Awesome Stories I felt Vocal did see me as good enough to share my work on their page and if that were so I would not be considered for a Challenge.

That Was Then But This Is Now

Awesome Stories seem to have disappeared and Top Stories are now extremely common. One of the groups I administer Vocal+Assist have recently had an amazing number of Top Stories created by members and that makes me feel as though I am part of a successful team. We know how good our creators are and it is great to get recognition from Vocal for that on a daily basis.

In tandem with this are the Vocal Challenges. While I promote Vocal on Social Media, and have promoted some of the Vocal Facebook Groups, Vocal have seldom reciprocated. I have never placed in a Vocal Challenge and while I feel that my work is continually worthy of a place I doubt that I will ever place, so I have changed my perspective to use the Challenges as a prompt. I tend to just enter one piece (though sometimes there are more) and a few of those entries have been chosen as Vocal Top Stories though have not placed in Challenges, so I am happy for the $5 bonus and the reads that I get from featuring on the Vocal Top Story feed.

I do write a lot and submit a lot to Vocal, and have lost count of the number of stories I have published on Vocal that have been chosen as Top Stories (three so far in 2023) so while I would love to win at least one challenge, I know I am recognised well via Vocal’s Top Story feed and the number of reads that I have received (over twenty three thousand at this moment in time), but I have spoken with serial winners who seldom receive Top Stories which I find very odd.

The other thing is, I feel incredibly privileged to receive so many Top Stories given that there are over seven hundred thousand Vocal members (I am not sure how many are Vocal+ ) and that makes me feel that I must be doing at least something right. I also know that a lot of my writing actually helps others and that really makes me feel good.

I feel that everyone has the opportunity to benefit from being on Vocal in many ways, especially with friendship and empathic support , and then with the bonuses there is the opportunity for a little coffee money. Then if you win a challenge you can buy yourself a big present, but while that may happen for me I will not count on it happening. That’s not being negative, it is just a little realism.


I would love to win a Vocal Challenge, I have four or five friends who have won Vocal Challenges and I am very happy for them, and would like to join that wonderful group of friends, and who knows , one day I might do.

This was partially inspired by The Saw Doctors “To Win Just Once” and you can read a bit more about them in the story below.

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