L.C. Schäfer’s Fucked Up Fairytales Challenge


“Go! Go into the woods and never come back! The Queen would have you killed by someone else, even if I don’t do it!”

The Huntsman’s words kept ringing in Snow White’s ears as she ran haphazardly through the woods.

Where would she go? Where would she hide? How would she survive?

All those thoughts ceased when she spotted a cottage. Relief washed over her.

There was something very peculiar about this cottage, though. It was very colourful. As she got closer, she gasped. The cottage was made out of cakes and chocolates!

She wanted to break off a piece of the window pane to see if the chocolate was real but decided against it.

Instead, she knocked on the door. “Hello, is anyone home? I was wondering, are these real? Would it be okay for me to eat some?”

The door slowly swung open to reveal a girl around the age of twelve. “Would you like to eat with us?”

“Oh, that sounds absolutely delightful! I hope I’m not imposing. My name is Snow White. What’s yours?”

“I’m Gretel and –”, she opened the door wider to reveal a boy, “– that’s my brother, Hansel. Only both of us live here.”

“Oh my, you poor little things! Would it be okay if I stayed here and took care of you both? I can clean, I can cook –”

Hansel interrupted her, “You don’t have to cook.” He pointed at the kitchen door. “You can go anywhere in this cottage except the kitchen. If you agree to that, you can stay with us.”

Snow White found that weird but agreed as she was grateful to have a place to stay.


That night, Snow White heard noises from the kitchen. She thought there were intruders, so she went to check. She tried to open the kitchen door but it was locked.

So she peeped through the keyhole and what she saw scarred her for life.

Hansel pushed Gretel head first into the oven and lifted up her skirt. He then proceeded to pound her hard from the back.

Snow White was horrified but still watched until both Hansel and Gretel reached a Happy Ending.

The End.

Author’s Notes:

This story (366 words) was written for L.C. Schäfer’s Fucked Up Fairytales Challenge. It takes place after Gretel pushed the witch into the oven and killed her but instead of returning to their cottage after that, Hansel and Gretel stayed in the witch’s cottage. Snow White found this cottage instead of the Seven Dwarf’s cottage.

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