Vardhan Puri’s upcoming movie ‘Dashmi’ has been postponed to another date due to some certification issues. This movie, starring Vardhan Puri, Adil Khan, and Monica Chaudhary in significant roles, was previously scheduled for a theatrical release on January 19. The movie, with a strong reference to the epic ‘Ramayan,’ was initially planned to release on the week of the inauguration of the grand Ram temple in Ayodhya.
On behalf of the film’s director, Shantanu Anant Tambe, Vardhan Puri made an official announcement about the postponement of ‘Dashmi.’ He added that he is not allowed to reveal more about this, and the official announcement for the new release will be updated soon.

Vardhan Puri conveyed his gratitude to actor Bobby Deol for attending the special screening of ‘Dashmi’ and wishing them with love. Vardhan said that this phenomenal actor, Bobby Deol, is one of the nicest human beings he has seen in his life, and Bobby always makes Vardhan very emotional with his warm hugs. He took this chance to thank all the viewers for their supportive gesture at the screening event.

Animal | Song – Saari Duniya Jalaa Denge

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