Vicky Kaushal‘s popularity scales new heights as he achieves a milestone on Instagram. With his recent film successes, particularly ‘Sam Bahadur,’ and ‘Dunki’, Vicky’s fan base has surged, and Instagram itself seems to be captivated by the actor.

In an unusual move, the platform’s official handle has chosen to follow Vicky Kaushal, making him the only Indian celebrity to receive such recognition from Instagram.

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This milestone comes on the heels of Vicky’s stellar performances, notably his role as Sam Manekshaw in ‘Sam Bahadur’ and his recently released Shah Rukh Khan starrer ‘Dunki.’ His portrayal of Sukhi in ‘Dunki’ garnered immense acclaim, both from critics and fans, for his profound contribution to the storyline.
Even Shah Rukh Khan, Vicky’s co-star in ‘Dunki,’ showered praise on the actor, commending his skills and describing him as one of the finest he has worked with. Shah Rukh’s admiration for Vicky’s performance reflected a sentiment shared by many.
Reflecting on his experience working with Shah Rukh Khan, Vicky expressed his awe, stating that the opportunity to work alongside the superstar was incredibly enlightening.
With over 16.7 million followers on Instagram, Vicky Kaushal has now made history as the only Indian actor to be followed back by the platform’s official account, Alongside him, Vishal Shah, the Vice President of Meta and an Indian figure, shares this distinction.

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