Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma have sparked rumors of the actress’s pregnancy, thanks to a video doing the rounds on the internet where she proudly displayed her baby bump during an outing with the cricketer. As speculation swirls about the couple expecting their second child,Virat had made a promise before the arrival of their first child Vamika.

Before embracing parenthood with Anushka, Virat openly discussed his aspirations for starting a family and raising children in an interview with ESPN.Expressing his deep desire to be a devoted father,Kohli shared his commitment to dedicating ample time to his kids once they entered the world. What set his parental vision apart was a special decision – a pledge to shield his children from the glare of his illustrious cricket career.
The celebrated former captain of the Indian cricket team articulated a clear stance on parenthood, emphasizing that he wanted to keep his professional accomplishments entirely separate from his family life. Kohli envisioned a future where none of his cricketing achievements or trophies would find a place in his home as his children grew up. In a notable declaration, he underscored his intention to ensure that his career’s glittering aspects wouldn’t intrude into the sanctity of his household.
While Virat is still caught up with his World Cup duties, Anushka Sharma would soon be seen in the movie Chakda Express which is based on the life of Indian woman fast bowler Jhulan Goswami. The film was scheduled to release this year, but has now been pushed to next year.

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