Celebrating two decades in Bollywood, actor Vivek Oberoi has opened up about his parenting approach. Reflecting on his journey as a father, Vivek, along with his wife Priyanka Alva, shared their commitment to raising their children, Vivaan Veer and Ameya Nirvana, without a sense of privilege.In an interview with B4U Entertainment, Vivek expressed a desire to avoid the bad effects of entitlement, citing observations of friends in the industry who grew up with a sense of privilege. He said, “We don’t want our kids to be utilizing their privileges, and I have seen several of my friends growing up entitled. This attitude is prevalent among my friends in Delhi, and to me, one’s sense of identity should come from who you are, your values, your friends, your relationships, and what you contribute to society. It shouldn’t come to the fact that ‘you don’t know who my dad is.’” He further said, “That’s not the way I want to bring up our children.”
Vivek Oberoi’s son had a moment of realization about his father’s fame during a cricket game in Ahmedabad. The streets echoed with chants of Vivek’s name, prompting his son to share the experience with his mother. Vivek recalled the incident, saying, “He was kind of taken aback. He didn’t tell me anything. He went back and told his mom, ‘Dad is famous—famous. He’s kind of very popular, with people chasing him and chanting his name.’”
Meanwhile, on the work front, Vivek Oberoi’s recent outing ‘Indian Police Force’ is getting mixed reviews from viewers.

Ayodhya Ram Mandir: Vivek Oberoi shares his first experience in the city

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