Zebra Print is the Latest Trend, Why?


Zebra print is in fashion, one should wear the trendy print to look eye catchy and attractive.

This print creates delusion. If the print is watched for some definite period then it starts creating an optical illusion in mind.

It is better understood with an example, if we look at the blades of the helicopter when it’s rotating, then after the blades gain speed it seems that they are moving in the other direction. The same goes for the wheel of a car. This is an optical illusion known as wagon wheel illusion.

Another type of optical illusion that Zebra print creates is the barber pole illusion. In this, the stripes give the illusion as if they are moving vertically downwards.

In this article, I will guide you that why and how zebra print enhances the slim and tall body structure.

Some fashionista emphasize the print as a dilusion maker. It is a much need to look fit , tall, and thin if you belong to fashion industry. So, let us quickly understand the print with its benefit.

How does wearing Zebra Print make you thin and tall?

Since the print itself is an optical illuser, wearing it gives a tall and thin look. For different body types, it should be worn differently as discussed below in the article.

Hence, the question is well answered and it satisfactorily makes you look thin and tall. As the stripes appear to be falling vertically it gives a fake tall look. When there is movement in the cloth then it gives the illusion of thinness.

How Zebra print should be worn by different body shapes?

There are different body shapes like apple shape, pear shape, v shape, hourglass shape, etc. In some other articles, I will give a detailed guide on these shapes and attires that should be worn as per body shapes.

However, here I will tell you how to carry zebra print.

For short legs and long upper body: Wear skirts or pants having zebra print.

For short upper body and long legs: Wear t-shirts, hoodies, crew neck, crop tops, etc having zebra print.

For overweight people: Ladies should go for maxis covering the whole body, or they can also go with skirts, tops, t-shirts, etc.

Men should go for hoodies, t-shirts, or lowers and bottoms having zebra print.

Can Zebra Print be added to home decors, phone covers, mugs, and bottles?

The answer to this is a big YES!! Since it is trendy and eye-catching, it is widely used as home decor. It is used as a pillow cover, as a blanket, and as wall art.

It adds uniqueness when added as a phone cover. the iPhone cover looks attractive having a zebra print. Cups and bottles of zebra print are widely available.

There is a huge variety of things like hoodies, t-shirts, tote bags, phone covers, etc available at many stores. Nowadays, there are many online stores where one can shop.

Benefits of buying Zebra Print through online stores

There are many online stores selling zebra prints on attires and household things.

Although it is available at any fashion store, buying it online saves you from a lot of hassles.

  1. Online shopping is convenient, the store is at your fingertips.
  2. A huge variety and options in colors are available.
  3. Discounts and offers are more as compared to traditional shopping

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