Great news for TV fans! The last episode of JTBC’s romantic drama, ‘Welcome to Samdalri,’ ended with a bang. People all over the country tuned in, and the show hit its highest rating ever – a whopping 12.3 percent! That’s almost 2 percent more than the previous night. It was a fantastic finale for the series.

Over at KBS 2TV, ‘Live Your Own Life’ made a remarkable achievement. The latest episode crossed the 20 percent mark, reaching an all-time high of 21.4 percent. This show has been on fire, staying the most-watched program on Sundays.
TV Chosun’s ‘My Happy Ending’ also wrapped up its first half with a big win. The recent episode earned a record-breaking 3.0 percent nationwide rating, making it the best-rated episode so far.

A new drama on tvN, ‘Captivating the King,’ premiered with a bang, too. The first episode captured the attention of viewers, starting off with an average nationwide rating of 4.0 percent.
KBS 2TV’s ‘Korea-Khitan War’ is back in the game! The show returned to double digits, scoring an average nationwide rating of 10.1 percent.

It’s clear that TV lovers had a lot to enjoy this week with these amazing ratings. If you missed any of these shows, now’s the time to catch up and join the excitement!

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