Veteran producer Allu Aravind, father of Telugu star Allu Arjun who is one of the highest paid actors in India, recently drew flak for his statement on Kannada star Yash while discussing the impact of actors’ fee in the film’s budget.
Discussing about stars hiking their remuneration after a hit film, Allu gave an example of Yash and said at a recent event that the Kannada actor became a pan-India star after the blockbuster success of KGF franchise, directed by Prashanth Neel.
He said that a person who is the lead actor in a movie, gets 20 to 25 percent of the amount of that movie in the form of remuneration. However, it cannot be said that the budget for the movie will increase only because of their remuneration. Irrespective of who the actors are, investments are made there because the movie should be made big.

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Allu then said, “Who was Yash before the release of the KGF movie? Why did that movie make noise? It was that richness that led to the success of the movie. This is just one example. Whoever the hero of the movie is, it is because of the making that it attracts the audience.”

The producer’s statement irked a lot of Yash fans who slammed the filmmaker by stating that Yash came to the industry without background mentioning that his father was a bus driver unlike his son Allu Arjun who comes from a privileged background along with his father’s support. Yash is yet to react on the matter.

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