IVE‘s Wonyoung is not just a talented performer; she’s also known for her kindness towards fans. A recent incident at a fansign event in Kansai highlighted her true personality, especially when interacting with a hearing-impaired fan known as @n_n_na_ on Twitter.
The fan, who could only hear specific sounds, informed Wonyoung about their hearing impairment.Wonyoung, showing genuine concern, asked, “Oh. Sorry. What can I do to communicate with you?” She immediately made a heart gesture with her hands and began speaking slowly and clearly, ensuring the fan could read her lips.
Wonyoung went above and beyond to make the interaction smooth. When she paused to sign the fan’s album, she instructed the staff to wait, deliberately extending the time spent with the hearing-impaired fan. While most fans typically received around 25 seconds, this fan enjoyed a little over a minute due to Wonyoung’s quick and considerate response.
The heartwarming moment gained attention, and another fan with a similar experience shared their story. This fan, who attended the individual member fansign the day before, revealed that Wonyoung had noticed their hearing impairment through expressions and gestures. Wonyoung even expressed “I love you” using sign language.
As news of this thoughtful encounter spread on November 20, 2023, Wonyoung earned praise from netizens, with many calling her an “angel on earth” and a “true professional.” Her kind and considerate nature is well-known not just among fans but also within the industry among staff and workers.
Wonyoung’s actions serve as a reminder of the positive impact celebrities can have on their fans and how small gestures of kindness can make a significant difference in someone’s day.

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