The biggest gift for cricket lovers this Diwali from actor and producer Gaurav Chanana‘s Lucifer Music is the World Cup anthem song ‘Let’s Do It Tibara‘. And singer and composer Amit Trivedi‘s magical voice and composition have deepened the Indian team‘s hope of winning the World Cup for the third time.
In the video of the song ‘Do It Tibara’, K Srikant from the 1983 winning team and Harbhajanfrom the 2011 winning team are doing charisma.The chemistry of both of them looks amazing and their passion for cricket is clearly visible that this time too India will definitely win.
Talking about the composition and singing of the song, Amit Trivedi says, “When this song came to me, I was in Goa and this song was composed while driving in the car. My tunes come anywhere.” There is no need for solitude or a fixed studio for it. My tunes are made even while sleeping, while driving, while having fun, while doing daily routine work. I love cricket very much. I do not celebrate my birthday, nor I throw a party on that day but on my birthday I book a turf and make a team of 22 to 24 people and we play matches the whole day and night. I have been a cricket lover since childhood.
Gaurav Chanana, head of Lucifer Music and actor and producer, says, “When we creating this anthem, all of us collectively felt that Amit Trivedi would be the best for it and the way he has composed and sung the song, he kicked it out of the park.”
We really hope the Team india really wins the World Cup and does it Tibara!!

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