George said, “Queen, my friend declared his love and desire to wed you.”

I chuckled πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

I was shocked to hear George claim that his friend was actually bothering him about my contact, so I ordered George to give Fred my number.

Fred called in the evening, and his talk was concise. He said, quote, “I want to marry you; please be my wife; I promise you won’t regret it. I WAS PRAYING TO THE LORD TO SHOW ME MY WIFE AND HE SHOWED YOU TO ME.”

I couldn’t stop thinking if it was genuine.

I told him I would pray about it and that he should give me some time because I didn’t even know how to respond.

I hung up the phone and took a seat to remember the Fred I’d seen in George’s car. He was well-groomed and adorable. The dead may be raised by his smile aloneπŸ˜‹

I recalled how he complimented me on my beauty while grinning at me😘

Already, I was flushed. However, I called myself to order right away.

“It’s possible that he is lying to me or that he has bad intentions. How certain am I that he is even sharing with me the truth that God told him about me? To myself, I muttered.

I continued to pray about what Fred had spoken to me, even though I never informed anyone. I eventually invited him to see my folks.

After three days, Fred and George arrived. Dad invited him to come with his parents and the village elders to obtain the list of items he will need to execute the marriage ceremony after he and one of his friends announced his desire to my parents.

After a month, I completed the first part of my marriage ceremony, known as the introduction. The stage of introduction is when the prospective spouse arrives with his family and a few belongings to formally inform the bride’s family of his intention. The elders requested me to follow my future husband around his house for a month so I could get to know his place before returning for my traditional, white wedding, as tradition dictates.

The grounds of Fred’s house resembled a royal castle or palace when I arrived. I had no idea that Fred was a managing director of a well-known oil and gas company in Lagos.

My look was irreversibly altered throughout my month-long stay with Fred. Fred changed my hair, cream, outfit, gave me a maid, opened an account for me and credited it with millions, and took me for massages three times a week. He added a car just when I thought I saw it all. In less than a month, my inner beauty emerged, life started to blossom for me, and I radiated and shone like the sun.

My view on life was altered when Fred showed me the other side of the globe. I had stopped feeling sorry for myself.

In my society, news of the Queen’s traditional marriage to be celebrated the next month spread like wildfire, even to the unborn child.

Some said my spouse was an old Palm wine tapper; others claimed he had a mental illness and that they were only marrying him because they thought no sane person would consent to marry me given the way I looked. The villagers couldn’t wait for the wedding day, therefore there was a lot of gossip.

Finally, the day of my traditional wedding approached, and I had to return home two days in advance.

When my mother saw me and didn’t know me, I became quite distraught. When I got out of the car, my mother asked me who I was seeking.

My eyes welled up with tears as she asked. Like, how am I not recognized by my own mother? Later on, she realized who I was, and her eyes opened in shock. She kept asking whether I was the one while she was caressing me all over.

As soon as the villagers heard about the change in Queen’s appearance, they began to arrive to confirm the report. The compound where my father lived was full of oddball people. Those who joined me in celebrating were astounded by the way God had changed my life.

On the day of my traditional wedding, which was finally here, I was …….

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