Warning: Don’t get invested!


For the record, none of these are actual stories, just fun ideas I came up with while I’m working on my book’s blurb right now and thought, hey, this is fun. I want to make some more. 🤣

Just so you’re aware going in, all my ideas were inspired by images I found on Unsplash, turning them into tales and parables. Because why not? It provokes my imagination, and I get to share them with you. 🙂

Anyway, these were images that called to me, so I hope you enjoy them as much as I do. Let me know if there are any that catch your eye, and I’ll try to write a short story out of them.

1. The Ramifications of Spellcasting

There’s only one law in the realm of Nuphosia, and that’s to never cast magic you’re unfamiliar with. However, when a tribe of ogres chases me for gathering rare mushrooms in their territory, I’m forced to violate this law to defend myself. Unfortunately, the consequences of my actions prove to be more hazardous than I anticipated, as what I unleash is far more dangerous than the monsters hunting me.

2. Deck of Destiny

To the untrained eye, these may appear as ordinary playing cards, but for Nicolas, they harbor a plethora of secrets. Mastering the activation key with a flick of his fingers, he unlocks the ability to peer into the past and future, which proves to be a lucrative scheme, allowing him to dazzle audiences and amass wealth as a traveling magician. Until one day, when performing an innocent magic trick goes wrong, he sees something that shakes him to his core, confronting him with the choice to either continue with his show or toss aside his carefree lifestyle and alter the course of history. In this high-stakes adventure, Nicolas must navigate through a dangerous world of politics, power, and deception, using his game-changing tool to uncover the truth and protect the world he loves. But with each shuffle, the lines between good and evil becomes blurred, leaving us to wonder if he’s truly creating a better world or if he’s only serving his own selfish desires.

3. Wiped Out

When a deadly plague wipes out 99 percent of the population, it’s up to Vance to find a cure. But to do so, he must venture into the quarantined zone, a death sentence for all mankind. With a team of scientists and soldiers at his side, Vance faces off against more than just the deadly virus, uncovering a conspiracy that threatens to unravel the fabric of reality, even more than the virus itself. Will he be able to save the remaining human race, or will he be the next victim?

4. The Astral Empire

A key. A gatekeeper. A traitor. In the aftermath of a devastating war for control of the world’s most powerful energy source, the Astral Empire took on the mantel of guarding the earth’s most precious resource. Because of the burden of protecting it, every first son or daughter is trained from birth to be the next generation of Astralytes; soldiers of the realm who safeguard the gate. But this program isn’t like any ordinary military academy. Undergoing a rigorous training regimen, Alyx is taught to become an expert in combat, strategy, and alchemy. But even with all her training, she’s still not prepared for the truth of what she’ll discover in the Astral Academy.

5. Before Calamity Strikes

The world is crumbling. Natural disasters are happening more and more frequently. The only way to save it is to peer into the past and see what gave it life in the first place. But the scroll containing the truth about the origins of the universe is missing, and the archives attendant is blamed for the disappearance. Now, Cerelia must find the scroll before the world and all its inhabitants perish.

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