There has been a lot of speculation over YG Entertainment and BLACKPINK’s contract renewal in recent times. While the agency has maintained that they are in talks for the final terms of the deal, Jennie‘s recent appearance sparked a fresh theory.
On November 16, Jennie made an appearance at the pre-opening of TAMBURINS’ pop-up store in Korea. Netizenswere quick to note that Jennie’s former managers from YG Entertainment, Hosup and Jaemin, had accompanied her for the event.Internet users tried to speculate reasons as to why the duo had accompanied the idol.
“two managers of jennie, hosup and jaemin already left yg but they’re still working with jennie… i feel like something is really going on with this renewal thing,” read on post on X. Another user shared, “i would understand if allison showed up because she still working with yg USA as coordinator ( her old job before tour ) she just left yg korea, BUT hosup and jaemin?? it’s either Jennie did the one man agency inside a big company or she simply left.”
Amidst the contract renewal discussions, Jennie also got her name trademarked. She took this step earlier this year, registering her name ‘Jennie Ruby Jane’ with the Korea Intellectual Property Rights in ten different categories.
According to Sports Chosun, YG Entertainment recently issued a statement on contract renewal with BLACKPINK and shared, “We are negotiating with the artists regarding their exclusive contracts. The final outcome will be revealed through the document regarding major management issues related to investments.”

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