Yuvraaj Hans, the renowned Punjabi singer and actor, is currently in the spotlight due to his latest film, ‘Munda Rockstar.’ In a recent interview, Yuvraaj delved into his early struggles, unveiling untold stories about his inaugural cinematic venture.
Yuvraaj made his debut with the movie ‘Yaar Annmulle,’ which was released in 2011. Directed by writer Anurag Singh, the film holds a special place in Yuvraj’s heart.Revealing details about his fee for ‘Yaar Annmulle,’ Yuvraj Hans shared that he received 50 thousand rupees as the signing amount for his inaugural film, with a total fee of approximately 1 lakh rupees. However, there remains a pending fee of Rs 50,000 for the remainder of the film, which he has yet to receive.

Munda Rockstar – Official Trailer

With a chuckle, Yuvraj expressed the film’s profound significance, stating that he doesn’t wish to claim the pending fee. He attributes his current standing in the industry to ‘Yaar Annmulle,’ emphasizing its pivotal role in his journey. The film received immense love from the audience and achieved success at the box office.

Coming back to his upcoming release, ‘Munda Rockstar,’ the movie features Yuvraaj Hans, Mohammad Nazim Khilji, and Aditi Aarya in the lead. It is slated to release on 12 January 2024.

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