My Content Creation Game How it Will Be Changing

And no, I don’t mean an actual game, although that would be fun.

I just thought the title would be catchy. 😉

But for my followers and subscribers, you’ll be noticing my content-sharing patterns and routines changing as we head into the fourth quarter, which should be a nice shakeup for you.

And if you’re new to me and my writing, welcome and read on!

Why the Change?

I will be shifting how and where I publish my content, as well as the frequency in which I post content. Several reasons are behind this decision.

Content Popularity

Over the three years I’ve been writing online, I’ve noticed that certain forms of content perform better on some platforms while not great on others.

And I can’t change them to suit my needs better.

I need to adapt.

So, that’s what I’m doing.

Greater Reliability

As consistent as I try to be for you guys, I know I can do better, especially being a follower and/or subscriber to writers myself.

My goal is to publish once to twice a week.

I also want to make my content types more reliable, so you know what you’ll be getting from me.

Expanded Reach

Now that I am on several platforms, I feel I’m in the position to start sectioning out my content to separate places depending on their genre.

Hopefully, I’ll gain more traction as a content creator and finally begin earning a higher and more stable income stream.

And I’m not the only writer to do this; I’ve seen others and their content on multiple platforms. I even follow a few of them.

To Give You Options

I also want to give my followers and my tiny handful of subscribers options regarding what they want to read from me.

I’ve realized publishing everything onto one platform makes it difficult for you guys to sift out what you want to read.

Not all of you want to read my poetry or fiction, and many don’t have time to read longer pieces.

So, I’m making it easier for you.

Other Changes

Another notable change you might have noticed recently is the formatting of some of my content.

Looking back at my more informative pieces, I was shocked at how disorganized they were due to the lack of headings, pictures, and other elements.

No wonder they weren’t read.

That is why I’ve been working hard to create non-fiction content with these elements, so they have a nice flow and organization, like this one.

And fixing those ones as I cross-publish them, maybe gaining some reads on them.

Where I’ll Be Publishing My Content

I currently have six platforms I publish on outside of my website and have four primary writing types, along with eBooks, which I’ve listed below.

Fiction Stories

Short stories will be primarily published on my page, the platform dedicated to fiction stories.

Unless it’s a social or world-issue commentary piece, it will also be shared on Medium and possibly my Substack.


These will be published on my Vocal, Gumroad, Ko-fi, and Buy Me a Coffee pages.

I feel my short-form creative pieces will do well in those places, as they lend better to creative writing.

Personal Stories/Other Non-Fiction Pieces

These will be published on Vocal, Medium, and my Substack. These types tend to perform well on all three platforms.

Writing/Editing Pieces

These will be published on Medium, Substack, and my website for the editing-themed pieces.


Those, whenever I release them, will be available on my Gumroad page.

Where I’ll be Sharing My Content

I’ll be sharing my pieces on X (Twitter), Substack Notes, LinkedIn, and Mastodon, as well as my personal accounts.

Because while the platforms are incredible and drive a lot of traffic to them, there’s an audience much vaster in the realm of social media.

And I want to take advantage of that.

When Will it Kick Off?

This post is the official start of the change, as I figured you’d appreciate the heads-up, although it’s been in slow roll for a couple of weeks now as I’ve been reassessing everything.

To Wrap it Up

So, yes, how I will be publishing my content is changing. I think it’s a step in the right direction for me and my writing.

And hopefully, it will benefit both of us.


Thank you for reading! I hope you enjoyed it. Subscribe for more content!

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