A movie I always hesitate to watch but always have fun watching it when I do.


Blades of Glory is a comedy that came out back in 2007. It’s based off very goofy comedy so only certain people might get the humor. When you get it though, it is probably some of the most fun you’ll have in a while. Admittedly, this is a movie that I never look forward to watching but always end up loving it when I’m watching it. I always forget why I love this movie so much.

The movie starts innocently enough with the introduction of the character named Jimmy. He’s this phenom figure skater that was adopted from an orphanage from a horrible sociopathic millionaire. This millionaire basically loves breeding star athletes because breeding animals is too boring for him. Jimmy basically becomes this naïve figure skating machine.

Counter to Jimmy is his arch rival, Chad. This guy is probably the polar opposite of Jimmy. He’s got all the vices you can think of and he’s incredibly egotistical. Fortunately for Chad he’s a very talented figure skater as well. As Jimmy is a technical marvel, Chad is all heart and soul in his skating.

In a competition the two go head to head to win the gold medal and both somehow tie for first place. Seeing as the two hate each other they get into a fight that escalates into a horrible international incident that results in both of them being banned from Men’s singles figure skating for the rest of their lives.

Years pass and their lives take a turn for the worse. Chad is getting fired from a figure skating show and Jimmy is working in a warehouse. One of Jimmy’s obsessed fan tells him that he should get into pairs figure skating. There’s nothing in the rule book that prevents him from going that direction.

A ton of zany situations happen that result in Chad and Jimmy teaming up to become the world’s first male pair figure skating team. Tons of comedy ensues as a result.

There are so many gut laughing moments in this movie mainly because almost everyone in this movie is terrible. Each one of them are such extreme versions of people but there’s an element of realism in each one of them. There are two virtuous characters in this movie but because they’re surrounded by horrible people they get into funny situations as well.

They couldn’t have brought on a better cast to play out each of the characters either. They are all played perfectly for the laughs. None of this movie should be taken seriously and this movie knows what it is as well. The situations are so absurd that you have to laugh at the ridiculous ideas that are coming at you at all angles.

I don’t think a lot of people will gravitate to the idea of two guys competing at a figure skating pairs competition and that’s how this movie was marketed. Even I have a hard time pushing myself to watch this even though I know I have fun watching this movie each time it’s on. Once I get into it though, I really have a great time.

The pacing is actually pretty well done especially for first time viewers. They add a few easter eggs in the movie for those that make multiple viewings. There are certain things in this movie that I didn’t notice from prior viewings that are pretty funny.

Overall, I say get over the subject matter of the movie and you’ll have a grand old time. Well I guess not everyone will understand this type of humor but it is worth giving it a go if you want to have a few laughs. If you get it you’ll get it. I got it and that’s why I have to give this movie a 7.5 out of 10.

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