A person was under stress for a long time due to which he had become very irritable and angry.

He was always troubled by the fact that he has to bear all the household expenses, the responsibility of the entire family is on him, some relative keeps visiting him every day, he has to spend a lot. , etc etc.

Thinking about these things, he often remained very upset, he often scolded his children and often quarreled with his wife on some issue or the other.

Time passed like this.

One day his son came to him and said… Father, please get my school homework done.

The man was already under stress, so he scolded his son and sent him away, but after some time, when his anger calmed down, he went to his son. He saw that the son was sleeping deeply and he had a book in his hand. There is a copy of his homework.

As she slowly took the copy and wanted to put it down, her eyes fell on the title of the homework.

The title of the homework was…those things which we don’t like in the beginning, but later they turn out to be good.

The child had to write a paragraph on this title, which he had written. Out of curiosity he started reading what the child had written. The child had written…

* I am very thankful to my final exams because initially they do not look good at all but after them the school holidays fall.

* I am very thankful for the bitter medicines which taste bad because initially they taste bitter but they cure me from the disease.

* I am very thankful to the alarm clock that wakes me up every morning and tells me that I am alive.

* I am also very thankful to God who gave me such a good father because initially I find his scolding very bad but he brings me toys, takes me for a walk and feeds me good things and I love this thing. I am happy that I have a father because my friend Raju does not have a father in this world.

It is as if the person has suddenly woken up from sleep after reading the child’s homework. His thinking changed. The child’s written words were revolving in his mind again and again. Especially that last line. He had lost his sleep. Then the man sat quietly and started thinking about his problems…

* I have to bear all the expenses of the house, that means I have a house and by the grace of God I am in a better position than those who do not have a house.

* I have to bear the responsibility of the whole family, that means I have family, wife, children and by the grace of God I am more fortunate than those who do not have family and are all alone in the world.

* Some or the other friend or relative keeps coming to my place, it means that I have a social status and I have people who support me in my happiness and sorrow.

* I spend a lot, that means I have a good job and I am better than those who are unemployed or deprived of many things and facilities because of money.

Hey! My God! Thank you very much, I am sorry, I could not recognize your kindness.

After this, his thinking changed completely, all his troubles, all his worries ended at once. He changed suddenly. He ran to his son and took the sleeping son in his lap and kissed his forehead and started thanking his son and God.

Friends…….. Whatever problems are in front of us, as long as we keep looking at them from a negative point of view, till then we will be surrounded by serious problems, but as soon as we look at the same things, the same situations from a positive point of view , Our thinking will change completely, all our worries, all troubles, all tensions will end at once and we will start seeing new ways to get out of difficulties.

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