A Tale of Everlasting Love


From sandbox castles, crude and small,

We built a world where dreams enthrall.

Shared laughter rang, a joyous sound,

Two tiny souls on hallowed ground.

Scraped knees and tears, you chased away,

With clumsy hands, a hero’s play.

Swings soared high, we’d touch the sky,

Innocent trust in every eye.

Paper crowns and make-believe,

Our childhood tales, the heart would weave.

Years slipped by, seasons in between,

But in our bond, a constant scene.

From whispered secrets, shy and sweet,

To stolen glances, hearts would meet.

Playground pals, a friendship true,

Bloomed in a love, forever new.

Now wrinkled hands, entwined we stand,

A love story time can’t withstand.

From swings and slides to life’s grand stage,

Our everlasting love, a timeless page.

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