With time, paparazzi are known to call celebrities hysterically to draw their attention, and celebs playfully engage with them. Throwback to the time when, in the previous year, in yet another playful episode of celebrity encounters, the paparazzi managed to capture the lively moments of Nysa Devgan and Orry, who recently made a splash on social media with their delightful rendezvous with Bollywood celebrities.The duo was spotted at a bustling restaurant in Bandra, creating quite a stir as they left in their car.
Nysa Devgan is the daughter of the famous Bollywood couple Ajay Devgn and Kajol, and being a star kid, she is accustomed to the limelight and was the talk of the town for the hilarious way that the paparazzi mispronounced her name. “Mera naam Nysa hai” is how Nysa playfully asked the photographers to pronounce her name correctly in an earnest but slightly annoyed way, displaying a hint of confusion at the ongoing misunderstandings of her name.
‘Nyasa’, a version used by many, received a correction from the young celebrity herself. With a dash of humour, she hopped inside the vehicle and clarified that her name was not Nyasa.
Adding to the entertaining episode is Orry, a multi-talented person known for his work as an executive assistant, fashion designer, composer, social media influencer, shopper, and, at times, football player. His unique profile has drawn notice, and the humorous charm of his contact with Nysa Devgan at this paparazzi moment was enhanced by his presence. Orry has also been a trendy topic among the masses, as he shares close pictures with celebrities and their kids and has a way of being at every party of these famous personalities.
This hilarious episode is a nostalgic look back at the unique aspects of celebrity life, where the simplest things—like how a name is pronounced correctly—become part of the story for the whole country. This interaction offers insight into the lighthearted banter between the paparazzi and the celebrities they photograph, highlighting the more humorous side of the celebrity industry.

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