When the Creator made Man, He made him just like Himself. Physically, he adorned him with intricate parts that He designed to carry out highly specialised duties. From senses that could detect all kinds of frequencies to organs that functioned exclusively yet interacted together to produce perfect harmony in a being called Man. And the Creator put in place an exquisite maintenance system that ensure Man did not decay or cease functioning abruptly.

Within his core and very essence, He placed a dominion mandate, creativity, multiplicity and a freewill. Man could think like the Creator and behave just like he was a smaller version of the Creator in the domain called Earth. With an innate ability to replicate himself, Man was a complex piece of artwork that was programmed to inhabit the Earth.

All other created entities responded to Man’s word and he made sure they walked in their respective purposes with clearly respected boundaries. The harmony between small and big creatures was unheard of and none afflicted the other in any way. There indeed seemed to be a state of utopia in this world.

Above all, Man had a wonderful fellowship with the Creator himself, always synchronised in thought and deed. Engaging in deep conversations together as they walked togerther in the garden, there was no struggle to communicate. Man felt great contentment and did his work diligently. He meticulously dominated over all other creatures, taking great pleasure in watching them be what he called them. The very ground he walked on responded to him by producing lusciously to serve Man’s every need.

Unknown to Man, the Creator recognised that he needed help so strategically and carefully crafted out of him a helper. In a state of deep sleep, the technicalities were taken care of by the Creator. Then after what seemed like an eternity to Man, he woke up from sleep wondering how he could sleep so deeply. Stretching his muscles out and looking around, he saw her. The most beautiful creature was standing before him.

Instinctively, as if by a preset mechanism, he knew who she was. She was his and had been formed out of him. He called her Woman. With a new sense of protection and responsibility, he embraced this new turn his existence had taken. He steadfastly carried out all his duties with her, carefully making known to her his philosophies and all that was dear to him. They both enjoyed their time with the Creator both freely dwelling in His garden and tending it. With laws that were easy to follow, they were truly living a dream. Life had never been sweeter. Everything felt so right, walking in their purpose, being perfect for each other.

Man realised a new aquaintance of Woman made him extremely uncomfortable. He knew this creature to be the craftiest of all, always using cunning strategies in all its dealings. Their friendship alarmed him so he kept warning Woman to exercise restraint. He had chanced on their little conversations which he quickly interrupted but he sensed that Woman was intrigued with the thoughts that the cunning creature provoked within her. She caught him off guard a few times with certain strange questions. Ideas that questioned the very authority of the Creator. He always answered to the best of his abilities and encouraged her to not withhold any questions from the Creator Himself during their daily fellowships. He thought she understood everything perfectly, or he would have pushed harder.

As time went on, the cunning creature approached her again in its seemingly benign manner. He was tending to a plant when he saw them. His heart raced within him as he had a sudden sense of danger. He dropped his tools and started towards them. He heard her laughter on the wind as they spoke together. He hurried. Then he realised with a sudden jolt where they were standing – right under the tree. The tree that they rarely approached. How was that even possible? Woman was well aware of the instructions concerning this particular tree, they did not even stand under it. They were happy to eat from the other trees. He broke into a run and started to call out to her with a shout, but stopped suddenly in his tracks when he saw her reach out and pluck a fruit. That was the one thing she knew she should not do. He rushed toward her yelling, “No!” He was too late. She had already bitten into it.

This was against everything they knew. He charged toward the serpent who quickly disappeared in his characteristic manner. She put a hand on his chest, as though to calm his racing heart. As he stared deeply into her eyes, he had no words to describe the shame and guilt that engulfed him. He felt entirely responsible. Still staring at him, she lifted the fruit up to his lips. With an immense pain he had never felt before, torn between obedience to the Creator and deserting his helper in her disobedience, he opened his mouth slowly and bit into it. He knew this decision would change everything. How? He was not sure, so he just waited.

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