12 Mind-Expanding Thoughts Every Writer Should Read More Than Once

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It’s no secret that great writing has the potential to move and inspire readers in incredible ways.

But most of us writers already know this; what oftentimes stands in our way is finding motivation to hone our craft and express ourselves with passion, clarity, and originality. One way to help boost our inner creativity is reading. From inspirational quotes and anecdotes to full-length novels, immersing ourselves in other folks’ words can open up new pathways of thought that we previously didn’t have access to or realize even existed – especially when it comes to crafting meaningful content for others.

Here are a handful of thoughts that every creative should read more than once.

1. Writing is undoubtedly one of the most challenging tasks you will ever undertake, but it also provides valuable lessons on the significance and strength of expressing yourself without fear of judgment.

2. As a writer, you never feel fully prepared for what’s to come. Writing is a daily commitment that chooses you instead of the other way around. At times, you may find yourself caught off guard by writer’s block or harsh criticism, but eventually, you’ll realize the importance of this responsibility. Whether it’s a week, a month, or even a year into the journey, you’ll open your eyes and see the passion that surrounds you. Writing is not a choice but rather a presence of creativity that should never be taken for granted.

3. When it comes to writing, it can feel like a thankless task at times. You pour your heart and soul into your work, but it may not always be appreciated or understood by others. However, it’s important to recognize that you are choosing to put your thoughts and ideas out there for the world to see, even if it means facing rejection or criticism. This realization can help you appreciate the unrequited and unconditional love that your own creativity has for you, which is both tragic and incredibly beautiful.

4. Becoming a writer, it takes more than just innate ability. It requires a daily commitment to cultivating the right mindset and habits.

5. As a writer, it’s amazing how much inspiration and knowledge you can gain when you’re open to listening and learning from others. This is particularly true when it comes to feedback from your readers or fellow writers. It’s important to approach criticism with a humble and open mind, as it can help you grow and improve your craft. Just like with parenting, being a good listener is key to becoming a better writer.

6. As a writer, it’s important to lead by example and practice what you preach. Although readers may not always listen to your advice, they often imitate your style and approach in some form.

7. Be proud of your own writing style and voice. Embrace your creativity and appreciate what you bring to the table. Love yourself as a writer and produce your best work.

8. Be the first YOU, not the next Hemingway.

9. To create believable characters, writers should explore a wide range of emotions and experiences. Even if it’s tough, delving into difficult emotions like resentment towards a parent can make writing more powerful and impactful.

10. Not all writing is perfect. Rejection is normal and necessary for growth. Learn from the challenges to become a better writer.

11. As a writer, it’s important to give your readers the space to become independent. Allowing them to interpret your writing in their own unique way, giving them the freedom to explore the themes and characters on their own terms, and letting them draw their own conclusions will help them become more engaged and invested in your work. By trusting in their own interpretation and understanding, they will be better equipped to connect with your writing and derive meaning from it. This is the mark of a truly successful writer – one who can create a story that resonates with readers on a personal level.

12. Believe in yourself. You possess knowledge beyond what you may realize.

The final word

Reading and surrounding ourselves with inspiring words can be just what we need to tap into our creativity and make our writing sing.

Digging deep into the essence of each of these thought-provoking passages could be your first step down a path rife with new ideas, fresh perspectives, and sage advice. For those moments when inspiration strikes but words fail us, give these pieces a read and see where you land.

Who knows – they could be exactly what you need to jumpstart your writing journey into unexplored territory and discover fresh possibilities for growth.

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