They Found a Boeing-Sized Tree on Shore.


Beaches around the world are often known for the treasures they hold, from seashells to sand dollars, and occasionally, something more unusual. Over the years, people have stumbled upon some incredible finds on the shores of beaches, from rubber ducks to giant squids. Here are just a few of the most fascinating objects that have been discovered.

Rubber Ducks

On January 10, 1992, a cargo ship was caught in a strong storm in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, causing containers to fall into the water. One of these containers opened, releasing 29,000 rubber toys, including yellow ducks, blue turtles, and green frogs. From that moment, the toys began a journey of almost 20,000 miles across the world’s oceans. Some of the toys settled in Hawaii, while others washed up on the shores of England. Oceanologists studied ocean currents with the help of this migrating flock of rubber ducks, and people authored books about these ducks. Each toy is an artifact, and somebody managed to find at least one of them when a frog washed up on the coast of England. Until now, these wanderers are floating somewhere out there, and you may even find one of them someday.


Ammonites are large, ancient seashells with spirals on their backs. The coast of Washington hides many fossils of these animals, and one day, a group of scientists went there to find these prehistoric things. Instead, they found a massive bone of an unknown dinosaur stuck in a coastal rock. Paleontologists dragged a stone saw to get the fine, extracted the bone, and discovered it belonged to an animal that lived about 80 million years ago. It was a theropod, a predatory dinosaur that moved on two legs, and T-Rex and velociraptors belonged to this species. It’s not proven exactly who this bone belonged to, but researchers say the descendants of these dinosaurs are modern birds.

Giant Tree

In 2010, locals found a giant tree washed up on the beach on the shore of La Push, Washington. Several people could fit inside its trunk, and there was enough room to squeeze in a bed, a table, a TV, and even throw a small party. The height of the tree itself reached about 200 feet, which is almost the size of a Boeing passenger jet. High tides and fierce winds brought it ashore. Storms occur often in this region, and during this time, rivers flowing through the area spill over the forest and dump large trees. Also, near the beach, there are high slopes with tropical forests. At high tide, the water washes away the trees and brings them to the shore.

Giant Squid

In 2020, a giant squid was found on the shore of a South African beach. Such finds are rare because giant squids live in deep, dark waters. The beached sea creature was almost 14 feet long, which is more than the size of a passenger car. Some of these individuals can reach the size of buses. It’s not surprising that sailors call these monsters Kraken. In the distant past, they had enormous tentacles, beak-like mouths, and the most giant eyes in the animal world. One such eye can be the size of a football.

Giant Starfish

Imagine walking along the shore and suddenly seeing something strange in the distance. It looks like a giant starfish with large, dark green tentacles. The center of this star has a strange red glow, and the object is fenced with tape. There are people in protective suits around it. This scenario happened in May 2022 on Bondi Beach, Australia. On that day, journalists and many tourists came to the shore to find out that the unknown creature was just a sculpture made as an ad for a famous American TV show.

The beaches of the world hold many mysteries and treasures, from rubber ducks to giant squids. While some of these objects have fascinating stories behind them, others remain shrouded in mystery, waiting for their stories to be uncovered.

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