At 8 a.m. on Tuesday, a basset hound ambled through Prospect Park in Brooklyn in an extra-long turtleneck sweater. The dog’s ears swept the ground, which was covered in snow — real, fluffy, not-yet-yellow snow — for the first time in nearly two years.

The hound was far from the only New Yorker strategically bundled against the cold. Some wore puffer jackets so toasty they had to be unzipped on the subway. Others wore mittens that they slid off to tap their smartphone screens. A man power walked through SoHo in running shoes and shorts.

Plans to document fashion amid dreamy snowscapes in Lower Manhattan fell apart almost immediately, pummeled by freezing rain. By early afternoon, what little snow remained clung to trash bags, and street corners were covered in gray slush. Finally, it looked like winter in New York.

Age: 33

Lives in: New York

Occupation: Floor manager at a clothing store

How did you feel when you saw the weather this morning? I haven’t seen snow in a while that actually stuck on the ground in New York in a couple of years, so it’s actually kind of nice. I get to see it. It goes away.

Which matters more to you, warmth or fashion? I think it’s really dope to be able to combine both. I used to pride fashion over function, but now I try to find pieces that do both. I put on a little sweatsuit today and a wool jacket and a fur vest.

Lives in: Manhattan

Occupation: Luxury clothing seller and model

Do you think you’re the only person wearing a crop top today? Yeah. But don’t forget, I have a fur coat and a sleeping bag on top of me! These are my pajamas.

Which matters more to you, warmth or fashion? Being warm, 100 percent. No beauty when it’s cold.

Best snow day memory? When I was a baby in Ukraine, I had this sled. I was going so fast, and I hit a tree.

Age: 28

Lives in: West Village

Occupation: Stylist

Best snow day memory? Sleigh riding, staying home from school, video games.

What do you want to do in the snow? I’ve been dying to take my daughter to Central Park and take her sledding, but it just hasn’t snowed enough. She’s only 3.

Age: 33

Lives in: Manhattan

Occupation: Freelancer

Is it hard to ride your scooter in this weather? It was earlier. But it’s getting a little warmer. So now it’s easier.

Age: 28

Lives in: Michigan

Occupation: Software developer

Which matters more to you, warmth or fashion? Staying warm. This is my first time in New York, and I’ve seen plenty of cute-looking girls with tights and everything on. I say, You look so fab. But I am always super cold.

Ages: 29 and 1½

Live in: West Village

Occupation: Lawyer

How did you dress for the cold? I tried to keep the essence of myself while looking appropriate for a preschool interview.

How about Bobbie? You can dress a toddler in anything.

Age: 80

Lives in: Manhattan

Occupation: Retired

How are you spending the snow day? I’m on my way to the butcher. And then we go to the cheese man. And then we go to Rocco’s. The whole show.

What mistakes do people make dressing for the cold? Not wearing a scarf.

Best snow day memory? They’re all fun.

Age: 39

Lives in: New York

Occupation: Retail worker

Are you a fan of the snow? Depends. If I’m home, yeah, but not when I’m going to work. It’s kind of messy.

Age: 72

Lives in: St. Louis

Occupation: Substitute teacher

Tip for staying warm? I put Vaseline on my feet to keep the heat in and then put my shoes on.

Age: 49

Lives in: The Netherlands

Occupation: Nurse

Cool boots. I got the boots for my birthday. It’s a perfect day to wear them.

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