“Aromatic Reverie and the Poetry of Scents”


In the fragrant spin of scentrifugal amuse,

An ensemble of smells takes off.

Perfumed petals in a dance so fabulous,

A kaleidoscope of fragrances, a tactile order.

Waiting lavender and jasmine’s hug,

Whirling in solidarity, a fragrant pursue.

Citrus notes pirouette with a fiery effortlessness,

Scentrifugal verse, in each sweet-smelling follow.

Rose blooms waltz with a delicate scent,

As recollections stir, in a fragrant blossom.

Patchouli murmurs in the scented breeze,

Scentrifugal wizardry, reassuring personalities.

Golden and musk in a cadenced mix,

A fragrant odyssey that appears to continue forever.

Vanilla rings lace, sweet and warm,

Scentrifugal orchestra, a tangible multitude.

In this olfactory artful dance, notes pirouette,

A fragrant story that we will not neglect.

Scentrifugal, the embodiment of a scented daze,

A writer’s tribute to smells, a fragrant dance.

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