The Real Reason, Why The Pyramids of Egypt Terrify Scientist

Scientists’ Deepening Fears of Egypt’s Pyramid


The initial sequence unfolds with a prologue detailing the discovery of a previously undisclosed pyramid concealed deep within the desert by a group of American archaeologists. Subsequently, the narrative navigates through the tumultuous events triggered by Egyptian reactions to the unearthing. Concurrently, a documentary film crew arrives in Egypt, intending to capture one of the most significant archaeological discoveries in Egyptian history. The story line then transitions to an introductory news report featuring Sunny, a news reporter, and her cameraman Fitzy.

Sunny elucidates the distinctive characteristics of the pyramid, diverging from the conventional four-sided pyramids of Giza. She emphasizes the potential of Dr. Miles Holden and his daughter Nora, esteemed archaeologists, to reshape historical narratives with their profound discovery. The conversation is punctuated by a persistent dog’s barking from atop the pyramid, much to Fitzy’s annoyance. Later, Sunny engages Dr. Holden in an interview, delving into his exploration efforts and the quest for ancient texts referring to the geological region as a likely site for the elusive Lost Pyramid of Akhenaten.

They approach Nora for further insights, and she clarifies that the three-sided pyramid is not associated with King Akhenaten and lies buried beneath the surface. Nora elucidates the gradual accumulation of sand over thousands of years, creating such a distinctive structure. When questioned about the resistance to satellite usage in archaeology, Nora discusses the reluctance within the community to embrace innovation and deviate from traditional methodologies.

Dr. Holden and Nora then expound on a satellite orbiting the Earth, highlighting its ability to pinpoint the pyramid’s location, with a significant portion still deeply buried. Dr. Holden expresses astonishment at the pyramid’s colossal size, and Nora precisely identifies the location from which the tip of the pyramid can be accessed. Intrigued, Sunny inquires about the satellite’s inspiration, leading to a discussion about SETI’s search for extraterrestrial intelligence.

Dismissing notions of aliens utilizing pyramids for visiting Earth, Nora shares her skepticism. Dr. Holden attempts to steer the conversation back to archeology, emphasizing the significance of focusing on the discipline rather than the satellite aspect. This divergence of perspectives unsettles Dr. Holden, underscoring his belief in preserving the core essence of archaeology amid technological advancements.

Later, Nora assures her mother of her safety during the mission to uncover the pyramid’s concealed secrets. Frustration emerges when she spots a remote-controlled Rover vehicle named Shorty, designed by her boyfriend and fellow team member Michael Zahir, a robotics engineer. Zahir introduces Shorty, explaining its origins as a creation initially developed by NASA for Mars rovers. Shorty is equipped with recording capabilities, transmitting real-time footage to the command center once inside the pyramid.

The following day, the Egyptian workers successfully break through the tunnel, and urgency pervades as everyone, including Sunny and her news team, hastens towards the pyramid. However, as the final stone is removed, a sudden release of toxic gas mixed with fungus envelops the area, resulting in severe harm to a team member. Immediate medical assistance is sought, saving the individual’s life.

Subsequently, Dr. Holden receives a directive from the Ministry of Antiquities, instructing him to halt the research and evacuate the area within 24 hours. The cause becomes apparent: widespread protests have erupted in Cairo, fueled by local sentiments against foreign individuals exploring their ancient pyramid, resulting in chaos and violence.

Upon receiving the news, Dr. Holden resolves to abandon the mission and depart the following morning. Nevertheless, Nora endeavors to persuade her father to retrieve something from the pyramid, underscoring the potential significance of the discovery and the subsequent fame. After contemplation, Dr. Holden reluctantly agrees to send Shorty inside the pyramid to gather readings and capture images, hoping to gain insights into its contents.

An army contingent arrives to oversee the team’s departure, with Zahir, being the sole Arabic speaker, explaining their situation to the soldiers. The Army grants them a two-hour window to recover Shorty. Dr. Holden, Nora, Zahir, Sunny, and Fitzy proceed into the pyramid, with Nora documenting her diary and Dr. Holden cautioning against touching anything due to the ancient structure’s instability.

Further into the exploration, Zahir becomes anxious upon discovering a broken piece of his Rover, fearing repercussions from NASA. Nora discovers a hole leading upward, urging the team to explore it. Climbing through, they encounter various objects and structures, prompting analysis of their findings. In a significant moment, Nora comes across a metallic structure stained with dried blood and decides to take it as a sample for further examination.

During their descent, the guiding wire supporting Dr. Holden snaps, causing the team to lose their sense of direction and leading them to a room where Zahir finds his missing Rover. The unstable floor collapses, causing them to fall 90 feet below ground level. To worsen matters, a large piece of debris falls on Zahir, crushing his leg and trapping him. The team’s attempts to free him prove futile. Sunny discovers a hole and attempts to climb it for an exit, but she is attacked by a mysterious creature, forcing her to retreat.

Dr. Holden stumbles upon a gate with a carved warning, instructing them not to enter. Suggesting they wait there until the soldier comes to find them, Nora searches for an alternative exit, providing Zahir with a torch and a heartfelt kiss before departing. As the team continues to search for an escape route, they come across hieroglyphs that hint at a potential escape from the pyramid. However, they are interrupted as Zahir is captured by the creature.

Nora and Fitzy continue their search for an exit, discovering a missing part of Shorty. Fitzy ingeniously rewires the Rover for communication, recording a video message explaining their dire situation and issuing a warning about the dangers within the pyramid. Dr. Holden discovers a hidden chamber, uncovering the body of a 19th-century explorer and his journal. The journal hints at a potential escape route, but before the group can process the information, Anubis, the Devourer, suddenly attacks Dr. Holden, mortally wounding him.

Nora and Fitzy then embark on a quest to find star maps on the ceiling, searching for the tetrahedron symbol representing the three-sided pyramid, which apparently shows the Sirius star and serves as a guide to the exit. Nora successfully locates the brightest star and leads the way towards a shaft, where they discover a rope indicating the soldiers must have entered the pyramid through that path. After climbing, Anubis reappears and captures them both.

In a desperate move, Nora ignites a flare and injures Anubis, allowing her to escape. As she reaches the top of the rope and attempts to exit the pyramid, Anubis seizes her once more. Bound to a pillar in the burial chamber, Nora devises a clever plan to wound Anubis and escape. She succeeds, fending off the creature and making her way towards the exit, where she loses consciousness.

Upon awakening, she encounters a young boy holding the camera. However, Anubis reappears and captures them both, leaving their fate uncertain.

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