Singer Amit Mishra‘s journey was not a gentle melody but a turbulent symphony of highs and lows. From the halls of music academies to the unforgiving streets of auditions, his path was paved with the stones of patience and perseverance.
In an exclusive conversation with ETimes, Amit spoke candidly about his musical journey, moments that inspired him to be a better person both personally and professionally, going through his share of highs and lows and how his father carried the weight of dreams on his shoulders.Excerpts:

You have recently lent your voice to the recreated version of AR Rahman‘s famous composition ‘Latka Dikha Diya Hamne’ from the film ‘Hindustani’ (1996). Do you think the song will be able to strike the right chord with music listeners?

While singing, I tried to keep the same texture, the same projection, and the pronunciation. Keeping all these things in mind, I tried to sing it modestly. I still get good messages and compliments. So far, everyone’s thoughts are very good and they have given a very positive response to the song.

Did you get a chance to speak to AR Rahman and inform him that you would be singing this popular track?

I haven’t been in touch with AR Rahman sir. I’ve messaged him on Instagram that I would like to record for him. I follow him too and listen to his umusic. Of course, he’s one of my most favorite composers. I wish I could sing for him in the future. When I got the call for the song from Tips, they recreated it and I delivered the song as a job. I don’t have the right to call him or talk to him because I got the song from the label. And I didn’t find anything wrong with the song. When I got the call for the song, I listened to it and recorded it in the studio.

Tell us about your journey so far

There, I began assisting music composers and continued lessons with my teachers. I underwent specific vocal training, including Western vocal techniques, voice projection, design, and breathing techniques from Marianne D Cruz in Mumbai. During my North America tour , I had the chance to take vocal sessions from Mr. Jamie Vendera, thanks to Pritam da (Music Composer Pritam Chakraborty) for arranging this session. I am eternally grateful to him.
My first playback opportunity came from Chirrantan Bhatt sir for the movie ‘1920 Evil Returns,’ directed by Vikram Bhatt sir. I also sang a reprise version of the song ‘Soniye,’ originally sung by Kunal Ganjawala, for Jackie Shroff’s movie called ‘Hum Do Anjaane,’ composed by Prashant Singh. Afterward, I continued singing more songs, including ‘Manma Emotion’ composed by Pritam da, which became my first acclaimed hit playback.
Following ‘Manma Emotion,’ I received another opportunity with the song ‘Sau Tarah Ke’ from ‘Dishoom’ and a song for ‘Judwa 2.’ Notably, I sang ‘Galti Se Mistake’ for ‘Jagga Jasoos’ and ‘Bulleya’ for ‘Ae Dil Hain Mushkil,’ both composed by Pritam da. ‘Meer-e-Karwa’ for ‘Lucknow Central’ under Rochak Kohli sir and Farhan Akhtar sir’s project was also a memorable experience.
Additionally, I sang ‘Ole Ole 2.0,’ a recreation by Tanishq Bakchi, alongside Abhijeet Bhattacharya sir. Then came the title track of Ajay Devgn sir’s movie ‘Bholaa,’ an honor to work on. I also collaborated with my AM live team on ‘Naach Naach,’ a party number for Kabir Khan’s ’83’ movie, and various devotional songs. I was fortunate to be part of Pritam Da’s ‘World Cup Anthem’ project. My journey has been immensely supportive so far. I continue to learn and receive encouragement from my teachers, who take good care of me. I frequently communicate with writers to perfect vocal diction. ’83’ was a remarkable experience as I recorded in Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, and Malayalam, learning their nuances. I sang the title track for Dhruva, featuring Ram Charan, and learned Telugu, Kannada, Tamil, and Malayalam.

People often say that singing is not a stable profession, that it comes with a lot of uncertainties. How do you see this?

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The thing is that because of my passion for music, I didn’t really feel the pain of ups and downs in my journey. To be honest, I believe that every profession has uncertainties. This is not just about singing. On a personal note, I ignore the demoralizing things. I focus on my work and move forward like a horse with blinkers. Singing is a form of stardom. I try to not let it dominate me. We think we are the best. Learning is also reduced because of this. I feel that this is a blessing from my Guru and I should lead the team and understand others as well. There’s a small personal incident that I would like to share with you. I had a fever before the show. I was sick and extremely tired. I left my room after the performance and I was in the same venue. I saw a guy who was dissembling the stage. I asked if he knew about the stage craft because he was wearing a belt but not a helmet. I asked to give him a helmet. It made me realise that it’s not just me who makes the show. It was a very inspiring moment in my life.
There was another personal incident. I remember I called my dad and told him that my songs were releasing but they were not becoming hits. Then my dad just said, ‘You’ve given 5-6 years of your life to this profession, now I will give 5-6 years of my life to you. I will take care of everything. And after that, if it doesn’t work out, then you can try somewhere else as you’re educated.’ I guess these are the moments that inspire me. With all due respect, everyone who is trying to do great has to do great in his/her work. You have to face the ups and downs and overcoming them is the sign of a champion. I felt less stressed because of my passion for my work. That helped me a lot.

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Share the reactions of people who never left your side…

There were many people who left me. I have no regrets. But some of them are still with me and would motivate me. We think fame and money are success, but the more you earn, the less you feel. Singing is to win people’s hearts. I think this is my job. I still have a long way to go to be successful. This is like a life cycle. It will go on. Everyone who is close to me is very proud of me. I am very grateful for all of these things. I met a lot of composers, actors and several artists. I never expected to meet such people with immense stardom. I want to learn from these gurus, whether it is Karan Johar or Amitabh Bachchan, to name a few. I want to perform with them. These things are very precious to me. I am glad that I have access to all these people. I am still waiting for Rahman sir. I will work hard to sing well for him. My teachers and everyone feel very proud of me. My skill is a gift from Mahadev.

How do you wish to be remembered?

I want to win all hearts in the universe. I wish that people would remember me like, ‘Acha gaata hai, buland gaata hai, rapchik gaata hai, kantaap gaata hai.’ I think this is what life is. Bulleya was an amazing song. I worked hard in the studio to sing that song. The words were very difficult. I enjoyed listening to Buleya’s diction and projection. It’s a milestone by itself. It has been the biggest hit of my career.
Bulleh Shah is the greatest Sufi poet. His name is also mentioned in the song. I guess it’s his blessing. People will always remember him. I read about his life. He is still in everyone’s hearts. I would like to be remembered the same way as people remember Bulleh Shah.

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