BLACKPINK‘s Jennie has recently become the focus of light-hearted banter among BLINKs, as a video capturing her adorable struggle with a fan’s request for the ‘cat heart’ pose went viral.
The incident occurred during the filming of Lee Hyori’s new show, Red Carpet, where Jennie made an appearance. Despite her solo ventures and newfound freedom managing her own promotions under the company ODD ATELIER, some netizens playfully suggested that Jennie’s brief confusion in fulfilling the unique request might be attributed to her time under YG Entertainment.
In the footage, Jennie was seen engaging with fans, showcasing her signature aegyo hearts. However, when prompted to perform the ‘cat heart’, a combination of the classic heart pose with a feline touch, she appeared momentarily befuddled, alternating between different hand gestures in an attempt to incorporate cat ears. Eventually, she grasped the concept, reverting back to a regular heart pose, and playfully blushing at her own momentary confusion.
While some fans jestingly attributed her hesitation to YG Entertainment’s purported restrictions on idol promotions and fan service, others playfully suggested that, as a “rookie” under her new company, Jennie might need time to adjust and learn the ropes.
Despite the light-hearted speculation, many BLINKs expressed genuine delight at witnessing Jennie’s increased involvement in managing her solo schedules. With the idol’s busy start to the new year, fans eagerly anticipate what exciting developments lie ahead in her solo career.

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