Park Eun-bin is back with yet another riveting tale. From being stranded to journeying to meet her favourite Idol and optimistically searching for her school friend Ki-ho… this drama feels like a warm hug. In the first four episodes, Director Oh Choong-hwan takes the audience through a tumultuous journey punctuated with episodes of violence, pity, aspiration, hope and humanity.
Fierce school-goer Seo Mok-ha (Park Eun-bin) aspires to become a diva, like her favourite star Yoon Ran-joo(Kim Hyo-jin).Much against her wish Mok-ha seeks help from her school friendKi-ho, who shoots and edits a winning video of hers for a competition, so that she can unite with her idol. Thus begins the foundation of a long friendship, which is short-lived by much-sought.
The narrative draws parallels between Mok-ha and Ki-ho’s abusive fathers and how they decide to seek their own destiny. Unfortunately, Mok-ha is unable to escape her father’s clutches and in desperation, leaps into the sea, ultimately washing ashore on a desolate island. Across all four episodes, viewers are treated to heartwarming glimpses of Seo Mok-ha’s life as she adapts to a minimalist existence on this remote island.
The captivating narrative unfolds as Woo-hak strongly believes that he could potentially be the mysterious ‘THE KI-HO’ whom Mok-ha is tirelessly seeking, especially since he has no memory from 15 years ago. What adds an intriguing layer is Bo-geol’s persistent condescension and denial of Ki-ho’s existence, leaving you to wonder if he might possess some inside knowledge about this missing character.
Running parallel to the main storyline, Yoon Ran-joo’s conflict with the CEO of RJ Entertainment, Lee Seo-joon (played by Kim Joo-hun), brings to the forefront an enthralling power struggle.
In the fourth episode, a plethora of clues and a substantial dose of intrigue revolve around the enigmatic identity of Ki-Ho. While Woo-hak undergoes a revealing flashback involving Ki-Ho’s father, it is Bo-geol who swiftly intervenes to protect Mok-ha from a potentially risky encounter with Ki-Ho’s father. The burning question remains: Who is Ki-Ho? Our guess is as good as yours… and it will be confirmed only on November 11.
This drama is making the suspenseful, week-long wait over Ki-Ho’s identity, nail-biting and edgy!

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