Actress Rashmika Mandanna has sparked a social media frenzy with her recent comment about marriage, coinciding with ongoing speculation surrounding her rumoured relationship with actor Vijay Deverakonda. The star’s remark emerged in response to a fan’s admiration, stating, “You are our National Crush Mam. I hope one day I will get a wife like you.”
Responding warmly, Rashmika shared, “Awww, when I do get married, I hope my man thinks of me as a wonderful wife too.” This comment swiftly circulated across social platforms, intensifying interest in her personal life, particularly her alleged romance with Vijay.
The duo’s rumoured connection gained more traction last month during promotions for their upcoming film, “Animal.” Co-star Ranbir Kapoor, on the show “Unstoppable with NBK,” subtly hinted at their relationship. In a playful banter, Ranbir prompted Rashmika to choose between her’reel hero’ (hinting at himself) and her’real hero’ (hinting at Vijay), nudging her to acknowledge Vijay’s acting prowess. The conversation further fueled speculation as Ranbir hinted at Rashmika’s affectionate nickname for Vijay, disclosing snippets from their behind-the-scenes interactions.
Despite the compelling hints and subtle clues, neither Rashmika nor Vijay have publicly confirmed or refuted their relationship status, leaving fans and the media in anticipation.
On the work front, Rashmika Mandanna received several positive reviews for her standout performance in her recent outing, ‘Animal’.

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