Actress Lee Ji Ah will soon be seen essaying the lead in the Korean drama ‘Queen Of Divorce’, where she portrays the character Kim Sa Ra, a divorcee who faces incarceration due to her husband’s betrayal. The ‘My Mister’ actress recently addressed the subject of divorce in an interview with a magazine.
When Lee Ji Ah was asked if she hesitated in choosing the project given its theme, the actress told GQ, “Why? Why does it have to be a sensitive topic? I never thought of it that way. She further questioned why she should be cautious about portraying a divorcee, emphasizing, “There are many people who marry and then divorce for their happiness. (Divorce) isn’t some rare event; it is an every day event, and I don’t know why I should be sensitive about it”.
When asked if Lee Ji Ah’s personal experience with divorce influenced her portrayal of the character. The actress reportedly clarified that while she could empathize with the role, it wasn’t solely based on her own marital history. Instead, she attributed her ability to understand the character to the broader spectrum of painful experiences she has encountered in her life. “I felt I could understand the role better, but it wasn’t because of my marriage and divorce. Rather, I felt it was because I have had painful experiences with people in my life. It felt like I was able to look down on the character from above and empathize with her”, explained Lee Ji Ah, highlighting her broader perspective on human relationships and struggles.
Lee Ji Ah has previously faced significant public scrutiny when it was revealed that she had secretly married and divorced the legendary singer Seo Taiji.

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